Is it worth upgrading to the iPhone 7?

Later than usual this year, Apple released the iPhone 7 on September 7th 2016 to the satisfaction of the millions of Apple fans worldwide. No doubt users will upgrade without considering the alternatives, however for those that are on the fence about upgrading from either an existing iPhone 5 or perhaps an Android device, there are some newer features to consider before pulling the trigger. With many people selling their iPhone 6 and 6S devices, those have become less expensive on the local market, so it is a great time to consider getting a gently used iPhone 6 as well. CNET and other tech sites have excellent reviews on the iPhone. View our site for pricing and to book your phone repair below.

Best New iPhone 7 Features

Camera: The front and rear camera have been improved upon dramatically. More specifically the dual-rear camera is slim and can make wide shots much easier for the average user to accomplish without using apps or programs to stitch it together to make it look decent. This is a big draw for users that want a camera with a high enough quality barrier that it does the job for vacations and other social events.

Headphone Jacks: This phone is the thinnest yet, and it’s because Apple has made serious changes to the way the headphones work going forward. The classic 3.5mm jack is now gone which has made the overall profile thinner and you can now use a dongle to connect the headphones to the lightning port connector. Many people don’t like this option, and if you don’t then definitely consider upgrading to the iPhone 6S which is similar but has the classic phone jack.

iPhone 6 – Getting it Fixed in Calgary, Alberta

If your looking down at an old iPhone 5 or 6 and there are any cracks or blemishes in the display then getting it fixed can be more cost-effective than you may think. Apple Care only covers 2 replacements, however if your extra-clumsy there are still options to get you up and running again. Local Calgary cell phone repair shops are popping up and serving local Apple users that need to get their phone screen fixed in an emergency. As an alternative to getting a lower price if you decide to sell, or even just giving up on your phone you can definitely get the screen fixed. iPhone 5/5S/5C screens cost about $100 to get fixed and this process can be done in about an hour. iPhone 6 devices cost a bit more, however not as much as a brand new device – so still cost-effective.…