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Dallas is a pretty wide open city. Both geographically as well as culturally speaking it’s got a lot to offer. However some of the CKLR editors were recently enjoying the Texas weather and people, and being the iPhone nerds they are, had to stick their nose into the local cell phone repair scene and see what was going on. Given the amount of suburbs in Dallas, we chose to focus on one repair shop in the Fort Worth area and how they are doing things differently for Apple users in the area.

How We Found Fort Worth iPhone Repair

A quick Google search for phone repair in Dallas and the Fort Worth area yields tons of the normal competitors – Ubreakifix, CellSavers, local mom and pop shops – the area has it all. But for us, Fort Worth iPhone repair, despite it’s mediocre name had an excellent website, and tons of reviews from local happy customers. CKLR editors visited their friendly shop and found some equally fanatical iPhone nerds. These guys know exactly what they are doing and are certainly passionate about providing an excellent repair experience. They aren’t looking to throw a cheap screen on your beloved iPhone 6S, make a quick buck and kick you out – they seem to actually care about explaining the third party iPhone repair process to the average consumer. Many people are wary of this type of repair option, and it’s always nice to see legit businesses do their part to help users make an informed on what exactly is happening with their phone when they bring it in.

Testing Out iPhone 6 Repair in DFW

In terms of the actual quality of repair, we did indeed try them out. We sacrificed our iPhone 6 screen for..uh…science. We smashed it and had the professional iPhone repair technicians at Fort Worth iPhone Repair give it their best chance to wow us and our own set of Apple nerds. Suffice to say, we checked their work and it was stellar. The screen they installed was of superior quality, and the process was painless, convenient and not priced out of range at all. A complete iPhone 6 screen replacement cost us $130 as of September 2016 and the installation and part was backed by a solid 60 day warranty which made us feel pretty good about things. Peace of mind is always something we look for in mobile device repairs, considering how many small shops there are that use mediocre quality parts in the Dallas area.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the repair services of Fort Worth iPhone Repair if you find yourself on the outskirts of Dallas. They have several different locations serving the Burleson, Frisco and Sherman areas and seem like a great bunch of guys who care about the end product.

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